Lead Draughtsperson

and (co) Costume & Make-Up Designer

A project at the NFTS, requiring myself and my seven coursemates to each interpret the 16th century painting 'Adoration of the Shepherds' by Nicolaes Maes, into a series of hand draughted drawings to be built into a set. We each drew up our own plan and elevations and when completed, voted for the best drawing. My drawing was selected and then given to the carpenters to build. Following that, each of us drew up a detail element - mine being the window. 

Once construction was underway and all draughting had been completed, we all were given other responsibilities. I worked with a coursemate to research, design and organise rental of costumes, as well as design and apply hair and make-up. We then became deeply involved with building the set, led by industry experts in plastering and painting, and worked as a team to complete the build.

During the shoot, me and my coursemate fitted costumes and applied the necessary make-up needed for two aged characters - the character I was responsible for required a bald cap, applied using liquid latex. The eight of us each acted as a different character within the scene, with the Digital FX and Cinematography students involved with the shoot, to bring our set to life through a 10 second live-action scene.

Green screen was used for the Digital FX students to create set extensions beyond that illustrated in the original painting. I worked closely with two of these students to design their individual set extensions, using AutoCAD to quickly draw up scale 2D drawings for them to work from within their own modelling software. We are yet to receive both our still image and live-action scene but I am very much looking forward to seeing the final result! 

'Adoration of the Shepherds' by Nicolaes Maes. 16th Century.



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