Production Designer

Dir. Christopher Bevan

w/ YSP Media

Nominated for

Best Production Design

Best Micro Short 

Best Costume 

at Birmingham International Film Festival 2018

Awarded a Special Mention at

Sci-Fi London International Film Festival 2018

This short was created for the Sci-Fi London International Film Festival 2018, whereby you write, shoot, edit and submit a film all within 48 hours (with only a small amount of prep able to be done beforehand). Within the first few hours of the given 48, you're sent a title, action prop and line of dialogue that must all be part of your film; we were given 'Make Do or Mend', a series of wrist watches to be looked at by one of the characters and the line "don't speak, don't make a sound, just listen carefully". To dress the location, I used pieces of old sets I'd built, rented props from local theatres, sourced oil drums and canisters from salvage yards, and worked closely with Vengeance FX to select props, costume and design custom-made props for the film. Father Phantom Studio provided the special effects including an original creature design. We also worked closely together to design and select the scars and wounds for each individual character. This was my first ever short film, in every capacity, and it was an absolute blast to make - I hope enjoy the watch!


(for full credits see vimeo)




Director of Photography

Production Designer 

Costume Designer



BTS Photographer

Hair & Make Up Artist


Christopher Bevan

James Hutton

Dan McGrath

Karl Poyzer

Milly White

Chris Morris

Simon Dymond

Paul O'Brien

Gemma O'Brien

Monica Montalvo

Father Phantom Studio

Laura Viale Durand

Ben Fallaize

Katarina Horvatic

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