A selection of technical drawings done by hand, AutoCAD and Rhino.

Architectural study of 17th Century Amsterdam through a cinematic adaptation of Guinevere Glasfurd's novel, 'The Words in My Hand'.

Quick concept of courtyard set.

Design and set build project for 'The Visit' short film.

Set Elevations - scroll for both pages.

Set Photographs.

Fantasy paper project. Cinematic adaptation of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' by Andrew Lang - reimagined in Africa.

Scale model - multi-media.

Concept art.

Design and set build project in collaboration with NFTS Digital Effects students. Hand drawn and drawn in AutoCAD with 3D models built in Rhino.

Miniature set build for a stop motion animation short film. Miniature scale @ 1:7. Drawn using AutoCAD.

Set build images.