'DEPRESSION' - 3DDD's Workshop



Production Designer

Dir. Marcus Thomas

DoP. Ebba Hult


The first collaborative project as part of my course at the National Film and Television School. We were put in teams of three; Fiction Director, Director of Photography and Designer. We were then given a word, ours being 'depression', with which the Director created a concept for a (maximum) two minute film.

We then developed the concept as a team to work around the restrictions within the brief, on my part, the practicality of the space and time in which to build and dress a set for our intended story. The concept represents the overwhelming and all-consuming feeling of the constant bombardment of negative and distressing news of world events and politics. We meet our main character already considerably beaten by the current state of affairs, and we watch him as he becomes unable to escape from the negative news that surrounds him; he's a journalist at a newspaper, the radio on his desk plays only bad news and there is still no relief from this when he watches his TV at home.

The build and dressing had to be completed within a day, the shoot within the following day. We were given a budget of £50 for materials and props and free use of the school's prop and furniture store. We then reached out to students within the school to provide sound, score and edit the film for us outside of their own curriculum. We were also paired up within another team of three D's who assisted our build and shoot, and vice versa.

Our story takes place in three different spaces; an office, a bedroom and an abstract 'void' space - all within a 15' x 23' stage space. I had a blast on this project because it really tests your creativity, problem solving and illusion skills as a filmmaker. We were able to convincingly create three different spaces to tell our story and I can't wait to see the final result.

The film is currently in post-production, high quality stills coming soon!

Below are some behind the scenes photos from the project.

More from behind the scenes, in the below slideshow. Click the images to open full screen.

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